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Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh

The core area of Bandhavgarh National Park is divided into 3 zones: – Tala, Magdhi and Khitauli. Each area has its own landscape and terrain, and flora & fauna.

Although frequent visitors may prefer one zone over the other, a visit to a specific zone does not guarantee better sightings of tigers and/or other wildlife.

The 3 safari zones of Bandhavgarh are each divided into routes and two routes are allotted in one safari round. One route for going from entrance gate to center point and second route for returning from center point to exit gate. This way, the visitor gets a chance to cover the maximum area of the zone and experience the zone in its totality. Some areas are inaccessible in order to reduce disturbance to wildlife. Sometimes, new routes are opened up, and old ones are closed, in rotation, in order to reduce pressure on wildlife, and give frequent visitors a different experience. All the 3 zones have various points and routes which have become popular over the years.

Bandhavgarh has the one of the highest density of tigers. However, tigers, like most animals, are shy and elusive animals, and will often avoid people. Tiger sightings are a matter of chance. It is not advisable to be totally focused on tigers, as you may miss out on other wildlife sightings and interesting jungle factoids. 

For a complete wildlife experience, we always advise our guest to take at least 1 safari in each zone. This lets you experience the different habitat types in Bandhavgarh, as well as maximize your chance of wildlife and bird sightings. However, due to peak season and advance bookings, and the new guidelines from the forest department, limited number of safaris are available.

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